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Stats — March 2012
22H00 TUESDAY, 03 APRIL 2012


Another month gone and here are the stats - I am not surprised at the number one post, it’s been long over-due but hey that’s just me. This confirms that Minnie Dlamini is the hottest thing right now - I wonder if we had post Bonang on CDT this month, would that make a difference - would she knock Minnie out of the top spot? Hmmm

Anyways - the last two weeks of March were slow, it seems like the start of the New Year rush has worn out by now and people are tired. I'm glad that Fatherhood: Linda & Phiwe post made it in the top 10 instead of booty butt cheeks all over the place. CDT bombards the reason why its top 15 instead of 10 is because I feel like the top 10 and that’s unfair, it gets interesting after the top 10 usually.

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  1. lol @ "booty butt cheeks"

  2. LMAO!
    but on a serious note these stats are starting to worry me a bit ... and and when there is no CDT girls complain first about it than guys :)

  3. +
    James Dean

    Mama I made it!

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