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Stats — April 2012
20H45 FRIDAY, 11 MAY 2012


Yoh! I almost forgot about this, sorry about that - had too many deadlines all at the same time last week. Since I started to post the monthly stats I have realized something that I have been in denial of for the longest time. Studio83 Magazine target market is 18-25 years of age (I stand to be corrected here) and I'm not saying that if you are over 25 years you feel out of place but the reaction of the audience on s83 reflects ones of this age group.

Here is a bit of information about the 18-25 Segment Report

  • 18-25 Segment Overview (2007-2011): Total Population; Percentage of Total Population; Living Standards Measure distribution for 18-25 year olds; Exact Age Distribution
  • Gender Distribution: Male; Female
  • Life-stage Distribution: At Home Singles; Starting-out Singles; Couples; Parents; Single Parents
  • Education Level Distribution: None; Some Primary School; Primary School Complete; Some High School; Matric; Technikon Diploma Or Degree; University Degree; Other Post Matric
  • Community Distribution: Rural; Settlement; Small Village; Large Village; Small Town; Large Town; City; Metropolitan — SOUTH AFRICA SEGMENT REPORT

1. Johannesburg 2.Sandton 3. Cape Town 4. Pretoria 5.Durban 6. Randburg 7. Germiston 8. Constantia Park 9. Florida 10. Centurion 11. Midrand 12. Port Elizabeth 13. Auckland Park 14. Roodepoort 15. Bloemfontein 16. Rustenburg 17. Kempton Park 18. Polokwane 19. Stellenbosch 20. Benrose 21. Parktown 22. Hatfield 23. Pietermaritzburg 24.Vereeniging 25. Alberton

  • 25,446 / visits 
  • 622,018 / page views/impressions
  • 15,554 / unique-visitors
  • 967,185 / hits
  • 4.3 Gigabytes of bandwidth
  • Average Visit Duration / 00:02:00

1. Ass 2. American Apparel 3. Minnie Dlamini 4. Studio 83 5. Vus Ngxande 6. Anggun 7. Marisa Ramirez 8. Timbuktu 9. Siyabonga Ngwekazi 10. Mepako 11. Tumblr Girl 12. Izikhokho 13. David Beckham Fashion 14. Studio83 Kabomo 15. Infadizle 16. Claire Mawisa 17. Sloan from Entourage 18. 76motherussia 19. Natalie Suliman 20. Boitumelo Thulo 21. Pursuit of Happiness Quotes 22. Nandi Mngoma 23. Bria Myles 24. Jon Olsson R8 25. Studio83

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Now looking at the above information certain things now make sense - like Chicks Dig Thursdays is always tops (besides the fact that sex sells) and for the fact that Education Wednesday is always read but people comment less it might be because the audience don't have enough life experience to be able to disagree — so mostly agree and absorb the information and move on. Topics that always get people attention Sex, Cheating, Race etc (basically anything sexual) are exciting and everyone has an opinion in almost all those topics.

I hope all that makes sense ... please let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Conclusion: We all have grown since the birth of this website and we are not the same people that we were 4 years ago - but the energy of s83 needs to be true to the same spirit of the people that we were years ago - young people who wanted to do something, dream, craft, tell stories, discuss, push agendas.

    I think that's the essence of s83 ...

  2. Sooooo I might be wrong - so I went into the facebook page which gave me more extensive information - 18-24 is 13% — 35-34 is 31% — and everything else is under 2%

    Facebook says its reaches more males while females talk about it more ...

  3. +
    Katlego Modipane

    Yeah, I think purely based on the posts and comments I would say 25 - 34 is the primary audience of Studio83. And I think men (because I don't get how Minni Dlamini and American Apparel are top posts) are the most frequent visitors, probably on Thursdays.

    But I think what really adds to the essence of S83 is critical thinking both from the editorial contributors and from the readers. For me, getting a fresh perspective on things is always good.

  4. Miss Msibi says Minnie is Miss Studio83 2012

  5. +

    LOL -- gotta love Miss Msibi
    If you look at the searches? 1. being Ass and 10 being Mepako ∙ it's self evident no?

  6. +

    It scares me a little George the implication that 18-25 year olds may not have opinions on this article for instance, http://studio83.co.za/news/2012/05/11/3473 what is the youth if not a series of uneducated opinions?!

  7. +

    I think the fact the internet affords people the option to choose what to engage with, also contributes to people not wanting to talk about the more "serious" stuff. This is especially so with the target market. The internet is more for escapist entertainment to the younger people. I think that is the challenge and its up to each contributor to then figure out craft their content in light of this. Is it a matter of dumbing down for the sake of hits? Or sticking to your guns hoping that "at least one person out there ...." Or is it both. Because in my view, a readership should grow.

  8. We can't dumb down content for hits ... that will not benefit anyone. Regarding the topics people naturally don't like the truth - it exposes them and thats what EW does actually. Most of the topics covered on EW relate to real life issues ...

    and I agree the readership will grow.

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