First Issue

I am sitting on the floor of my new apartment. My mom's not talking to
me cos I moved out of home (I'm a grown ass man, it was about time), I
hate my job, I don't have a bed to sleep on and the only thing that's
keeping me going is my dream: to own a magazine. I don't know how I'm going to do it, but right now with my scrap of a MAC (but it's a MAC
nonetheless), I'm doing this ish. I've never worked in the magazine
industry; I don't know how to spell and I'm a one man show doing the
writing, editing and designing of an entire magazine --- not your
average production process! Luckily, there are a few others who
believe in this blurry dream of mine and they contributed in their
photography, writing skills and out comes the First Issue - a 21
paged labour of love.

World, welcome s83 - the future of magazines! :)

  • George Gladwin Matsheke
  • Bianca Miles Jordaan
  • Dumisani Maqutu
  • Makeda Malefane
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    Very touching and inspiring. Not all entrepreneurs are this forthright with their beginnings. They all seem to have it right - the business plan, the funding and the support of parents. Having spent 6 years at True Love Magazine I am here for you, here with you and am amazed at your magazine concept. It is real and now, not a promise but a delivery of what are everyday desires.

  2. i read this again and i got Guss bumps / that right there was 3 years ago and i had no idea what i was doing / not that i do now but its comforting to see growth / thanks Brenda i will actually give you a shout


  3. tjo --- this is only 3.48 MB!!!

  4. Its been a minute ...
    The magazine started with 3 writers and 3 photographers. You dont need the whole world to start a dream.

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