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12H16 MONDAY, 20 DECEMBER 2010


Something something I got working on the other day - for the editorial/contents page ... kinda like it for now but the design might change in the future. I used Diaan's image for this one.

Note: Karabo did mention that since the copy slightly slanted it might be hard to read - we will sort that one out. What do you think of the design - it would be cool to hear your input

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  1. hmmm, i like i like the photograph used the colour choices for the text, like @Karabo mentioned about the text, i think it would be better aesthetically if the text was upright 100%,
    but me likey man

  2. I quite like the slanted text. My vote is to keep it. I kinda like the photo too... ;)

  3. +

    I am for slanting text, well it might not be as easy to the eye, but its unconventional and rules-breaking....which is what i think S83 Magazine is about. Pushing ideas, presenting something with a twist. I could be wrong, but that's me.

  4. maybe just reduce the angle of the slant...great idea though - very avant garde

  5. *wince

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