George Gladwin Matsheke
Valerie & Naomi Campbell
12H29 THURSDAY, 17 MARCH 2011


I really wanted to do Nonhle Thema and her mother or even Pabi Moloi with her mother - but i couldnt find the nice big enough images of the mothers or them together. Valerie & Naomi Campbell good example of good legacy right there ...

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  1. I disagree, beauty is not a legacy, no one has control as to how they will look like when they are born. beauty is a perception we humans have set to distinguish ourselves from one being to the next.

    So Valerie & Naomi Campbell are not a good legacy, it's all got to do with good biological genes which were not created by either of these women.

  2. you are right, beauty may not be a legacy - its more of an inheritance thing than anything else - [i think] I might be wrong but to your parents you are their legacy to the world - thats what they leave behind. Thats more of the direction I was thinking ...

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