George Gladwin Matsheke
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14H08 TUESDAY, 22 MARCH 2011


I always say that when God created man, he had no idea what the results will be. And like any project, it will have some flaws. If you are Apple, you will release the upgraded version in the next 3 months or so. This is the same as human beings are - basically men and women. So, God created man and assumed that 64MB of memory would be enough for us to operate the system, us humans, and run smoothly. Then later, he realized that man doesn’t remember all the plants and animals' names of this beautiful land he has given us to call home. God had another opportunity to rectify that little mistake/flaw with his next upgrade – he created a partner to man, she was sexier, curvier and had a bigger chest, let's call her version 2.0. Another thing God forgot to put on the prototype is how to reproduce – but no worries this would be sorted out with the help of the version 2.0.

Now, let's look at this version 2.0 very closely – instead of 64MB memory – now they have about 1GB of memory [this is the reason why women always remember what you were wearing on the first date – they have space to use].  Now, what's the difference between these two iPeople? iPerson 1 vs iPerson 2. Let's take another closer look into it. The iPerson 1 is not all that bad. It does get the job done but since it has no fancy features and memory it has to be practical about how it used the space it has – basically one app at a time [so no multitasking around here].  Now with the iPerson 2 you can open as many apps as you can [this is the upgraded version, so why not] and also they have the pay-attention-to-detail feature – if you want to hide something this would be an awesome place to do it – the iPerson 1 has failed majorly on this subject of hiding stuff. [They always get caught, based on their unreliable inconsistency]

Now the iPerson 1 seems to discover more in and about life because of their less-memory problem and they move forward quicker – that means they hold less grudges, because they can't remember. See, for them to add something new they need to delete something old. The more irrelevant stuff they have, the less they discover about life. The iPerson 2 always holds grudges and they never forget – which at times holds them back from discovering new things because they take more precautions based on past history - memory. Well, according to this [well, according to me really] the less you remember the better you discover.

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  1. you lost me at the colour purple

  2. i don't remember typing the word "purple" ...

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