George Gladwin Matsheke
Dreams Are Not Cheap
14H09 TUESDAY, 19 APRIL 2011


I love how everyone becomes positive on twitter on Monday mornings - most people are inspired, motivated, involved [ by the way I was in the room when that line was conceived ]. A lot of them would tweet "Lets Go" or "Lets Grind" or call themselves hustlers or something similar to that notion. I'm all for dreaming and inspiration - it's like a friend of mine said ...

"I love what I do man, grinding seems like a painful thing to do on a daily basis" ...

A real brand doesn't call itself a brand - because it knows that it's a brand and it's not insecure about it. Its the same as calling a baby boy "Boy Boy" or "Seun" it makes no sense but you get my point, right?

While dreaming is the cheapest thing one can do for themselves, implementing that dream into a reality will not come at the same price tag. A lot of people out there have a dream within a dream - they dream that the road to success is as easy as they see it on TV. And some people are not willing to work hard on their dreams, they wanna work on their dreams when they are broke and when they don't like their current jobs ... but as soon as that black cloud clears they stop working on those dreams. Then after a while when they go broke again they think about that dream again.

Then there are some people who work hard on their dreams - those who work on dreams regardless of being paid, those who have bigger plans than getting paid or popping bottles at The Bank or Moloko. They take pride in their work and in what they do - they are the kind who want to leave a legacy behind. At the end of the day - when all is gone and all that's left is you, your thoughts and what you have done in the past, will you be happy with what you have accomplished? Having a dream is like having a child - you are not sure how they will turn out, will they be successful or will they fail? Will they fall pregnant at the age of 15 or be in prison at that same age? Will they be smart and get straight A's at school or will they be alcoholics? 

As a parent of a dream, you have no idea but to hope and pray that you are doing a good job. Hope that every decision you make will have a positive impact towards your dream. Hope that your dream will not take an off ramp and loose its way. These are the things that one goes through when they are nurturing a dream - you have no idea if it's going to work out or not, but you can't lose hope because things don't work out as you planned them. This is when you have to be best friends with a girl called Faith.

That is why it's never a good idea to calculate the time, money and labour that you spend on a dream - because if you do, you will lose you mind. [Just imagine the money your parents have spent on you since day 1 - millions my friends, millions]

Photographer / Khumbelo Makungo

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    I really like this article.
    We can't really calculate the loss a parent suffers when we have failed to succeed in our lives as their children.

  2. Yeah! If parents calculated all their money they invested in us they would lose their minds - its like a bad investment phela. Put in alot and get out nothing ... thats not cool

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