George Gladwin Matsheke
Hugh Masekela — Stimela
01H11 FRIDAY, 27 MAY 2011


I grew up knowing that the Matsheke's and The Masekela's have some sort of history going from way back but I never knew how deep or connected we were but I grew knowing that and that was it. Im sure the elders know more infor of these things than we d young ones — this track reminds me of my dad, he used to play these kind of songs very loud [he had sony or technics sound system] on sunday mornings before he opened up the Salon for business or when it was public holiday [actually that was the only time he never worked]. I don't think I had any understanding of what these songs meant to them at that time — but I can only imagine.

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  1. When i get creatively blocked this is the track i play on repeat to get my mojo back ...

  2. Kabomo sang this track last night, mad respect - he sound like Bra Hugh ...

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