Sasha Grey
15H01 THURSDAY, 23 JUNE 2011

Sasha Grey #02

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Sasha Grey,

… born 1988. Got into adult films at the breaking age of 18. She is being compared to Jenna Jameson. Won almost anything worth winning in that industry. Most importantly, she was Steven Soderbergh's Girlfriend Experience that blew your mind.

'nuff said — watch the video, and no, it is not what you think. ( ps: don't google her at work )

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  1. LMAO @ "( ps: don't google her at work )"

    Shorty is fine :)

  2. Thats her... Saw her on Entourage, acting herself. I think she can pull the transition, from Porn Star to Screen Star, if it can ever be done..

  3. Yeah — it would be interesting, but I saw her on 'Girlfriend Experience', can't say she was good-ish; the story was beyond her, but she did well.

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