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00H16 WEDNESDAY, 29 JUNE 2011


I saw the link to this blog from Nzinga on twitter - at first I thought nothing much of the blog until I started reading and getting to know the character more and more as I click on the older post button. I really enjoy her writing, her stories - for the first time one gets to hear the other side of the story.

My name is Sue. I practice along Koinange Street, Nairobi. These are thoughts, observations and experiences from my prostitution world. Nothing of the soft, sympathy seeking topsy-turvy kind. But straight talk, hard facts and real anecdotes. They are worth something.

lets_get_lost_editorial_interview_mag_9_749x490.jpgShe even has an e-book that she sends to you [if you subscribe], which can be viewed in your iBooks on you iPhone/iPad. Lately I’ve been enjoying reading from my iPhone more than I would - holding the actually book - I don’t know maybe its technology that fascinates me more.

Edit: Here is an interesting video that I came across. Sue is talking about her blog Nairobi Nights in something that seems like a talk show ...

Images via Trendland for Interview Magazine

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  2. I love her writting. Did this help with the writers block?

  3. Someone said the other day that she might not be real ... I dont know how true is this though. hmmm

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