Jeff's Good, Bad and Ugly


I am a self taught everything, from photography, filmmaking to design, its been a long way coming to be frank. The lack of  textbook knowledge and someone holding my hand did not help matters much for someone who has a BA from Wits majoring in Law. All I remember is the determination I had to become a decent designer. Don't get me wrong, I do not wish I had gone to Vega or AAA, on the contrary I loved being able to figure shit on my own, and yes at times it was hard - I thought to myself I am forcing things. I remember the lack of understanding colour use, font selection, interpreting briefs, I alomst quit design, but I stuck it out 

I now believe sincerely that design is not all skills, part of it is confidence, I am such a person who has cultivated so much confidence with feedback I got from around the web, but one such place is Studio83. The confidence that people like George had in me helped me a lot, with that little appreciation, criticism and designing for Studio83 helped kick-me-in-the-nuts to toughen-the-fuck-up and research more, stay up longer hours and believe I can whip any design to any brief.

I celebrate my own Good, Bad and Ugly passage to an improved designer and a photographer, having done an Exhibition, won a VUKA Award in 2006 and commercial work on a billboard in my short lifespan career.

Word to Studio83, for affording us lots the platform to put out our own works and help us develop to become even better writers (with our typos and ugly English), better photographers, DJ's designers/llustrators and people with a voice. I am still a student of the industry, I am not there yet, but hell I've come far.

This was a great year Studio83, lets do more next year. Yeah

Illustration by Jeff_Rikhotso

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  1. Im glad I could help, there is nothing worse than someone who doesn't wanna learn. I believe in you. You don't take things personally, you are proactive and willing to make mistakes. You are passionate. Keep doing what you are doing.


  2. Word yo, I relate a lot to your sentiments Jeff as am also in the same boat - 5 years running on this self taught trend

  3. I believe that the best writers are the ones who did not study writing and the best designers are the ones that didn't study design.

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