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158 Fridays - Mr Moeh24

Tommorow is a public holiday in south africa, so I am bringing 158 Fridays to thirsty thurdays.

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Name: Mpumelelo Macu of Moeh24 Blog.mpumelelomacu.com
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
For photograhic bookings: info@mpumelelomacu.com

 Tell us a bit about 75, Moeh24  and Blog.mpumelelomacu.com :

75 is like my home away from home... its the place where i get my photography inspiration from and I love the fact that its a collective of professional photographers but its a collective built on the love of photography.

Moeh 24... hahaha is my alter ego.  I used to go by that name when i used to do graffiti. Pity i didnt get to hit alot of walls. But now i used it to showcase my photos. Moeh24 is my photoblog. I love tumblr but i really dont like reblogging. So i decided that i'll create my own content.

damn im rambling on...

blog.mpumelelomacu.com is a me in a nutshell. All the things that i do and all the things that i like.

So, when did you decide that fuck it, I am gonna start taking pictures as part of my daily life:

I think it was when i got my Nokia 5800 and i love the photos that it was producing at the time. I always had a thing for beautiful photography as i have a graphic design background.

so yeah since then i've never stopped shooting.

Do you have specific style to your photography, I see you have shot a lot concerts and events, is that your niche or is just snap and shoot:

I dont have a specific style of photography. I love documenting all kinds of things and i dont like restricting myself but i agree with you I do alot of events/concert photography. 

What inspires your blog posts and your style of photography on 75 :

Life in general hey. I find that i shoot things according to how i feel at the specific moment. Cho life.

In terms of your work, what are specific details/moments that you're particularly proud of? 

Well there are 2 things that i feel really proud of... 

the first has to be the I ART Soweto project sponsored by Adidas... It was a really cool project and it hit home coz of my love for graffiti. I remember the day i got the email that was really one of the happiest moments in my life.

Then next is when a fellow photographer and friend called me and talked me that he wanted to work with me on a Red Bull gig. This was the Red bull Beat battle. Thats really big for me and i didn't think that shit like that could happen to me in such a short time.

What would you do to improve your skills as a photographer and all round creative:

in terms of photography... I'll never stop shooting and finding new ways of shooting and an all round creative... Keep inspired and keep working on my craft.


Your Girlfriend is also a photographer, I won't mention her name because I am still yet to interview her sometime in the future, Tell us how you feel about dating a fellow grapher like her, do you guys feed of each other or is it, you do your thing and I will do mine:

Its really cool... i mean we can always bounce ideas off each other. I really dig work with her.  SHE is my source of inspiration. In terms of working together... we love working together and we have a company we are working on. You know about it. But yeah be on a look out.

Now I am sure not a lot know that you are part of a crew called Frolics 6, tell us about that and what's your involvement:

yeah... Frolic 6 is a group of djs... I used to dj with the guys. (yes i did ha!).I've also worked on they identity which is still something im trying to craft.

What other projects are you involved in besides design, photography and music? 

that is really all i do. but i have a few other things  that working on... they merely ideas for now. But I would like be more involved in building brands and fashion. Maybe make a few custom things. You'll never know. Ha!

Thank you for your time mpumelelo and thank you for reading, till next week's post. Ciao for now.

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    Awe!!! dope one mfana, keep up the good work holmes!!!

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