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BMW — Zagato
07H00 MONDAY, 28 MAY 2012
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I like the directon BMW is taking and they just got a new head designer Karim Habib. I think they got it right with the 5, 6 series and Z4 now lets see what they can do with rest of the family ...

It could be said that no auto show is as glamorous as the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. Held on the picturesque shores of Lake Como in northern Italy, the annual concours is sponsored by BMW. So it only stands to reason that the Bavarian automaker wouldn't let the show come and go without making a splash on its own.

Previous years saw BMW roll into Cernobbio with such show-stopping concepts as the M1 Hommage and the 328 Hommage, but this year it's not looking back on its history to draw its inspiration. Instead it's teamed up with celebrated Italian coachbuilder Zagato to dream up the concept you see here.

A rare instance of Munich reaching beyond its own design department, the BMW Zagato Coupé is a one-off concept, but is far from a fragile show car. The shape is aerodynamically optimized and the car is fully road registered in Germany, and has already undergone high-speed testing at BMW's own test facility. The Bavarian automaker remains tight-lipped on its underpinnings and running gear, but the obvious conclusion – whether ultimately correct or not – is that it's based on the Z4 roadster.

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    Katlego Modipane

    This seems like an oversized Z4 at first glance and is reminiscent of Alfa Romeo's Kamal concept because of its staunch haunches. Its a lot more aggressive than the new Z4 or the Kamal, which I think is its real allure because its not particularly attractive. Of course the name Zagato suggest that it was designed by the company which brought us some of the most amazing Aston Martins and Ferrari designs ever. I think the company managed to add Italian flair without taking from the straight edge sportiness of the German brand.

  2. True, you can see the Italian flair at the back speaciall ...

  3. +
    Katlego Modipane

    Yep! It does look special from every angle though doesn't it?

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