Lerammoux: The Dung & Beetle Project - Edition IV
10H18 TUESDAY, 10 JULY 2012



Palesa sits in the 1985 metallic blue Toyota Cressida, with her chair leaning all the way back. One could never see her when she drove by in the Jeepers Creepers.

Red light.

She revs her engine at a red traffic light; an E20 taxi peppered with male commuters churns beside her. She feels their eyes all over the sharp, metal bonnet, lifting it with their roving eyes to view the precise German workmanship that made the machine look like a Lolita, 27 years later. They glide over the shimmering headlights and then check out the mags, they want the modern-day classic car - not her - that much she knew but they would take her as a pretty bonus. They desired the power, they lusted after the trunk, they ogled the bumper lenses, they almost came at the sound of the engine humming softly, confidently.

Inside, Palesa looked at the modern-day digital 80’s dashboard. She looked straight ahead,  she was used to the attention but this one was different, this one was ominous. They would not admire from afar like all the men did, often offering a price for the classic car wherever she went, this time it was different, this time, the Jeepers Creepers was in danger.

The taxi inches closer and closer and crosses the line too soon. What's new, taxi man knows no rules and fellow drivers' expectations of them were non-existent.

Green light.

She moves, foot on the accelerator, carefully balanced with the clutch… her left hand moves from 1 to 3 in 2 seconds flat. The taxi swerves towards the Jeepers Creepers, easing into her gently. She hits the brakes; they are trying to intimidate her. She takes a closer look at the taxi and sees four men, staring at her with a keen interest in the car and the skirt handling the machine.

The taxi moves into her lane - not a friendly gesture. She captures an image of the number plates with her mind’s eye. PXT921GP. True to form, this is Gangster’s Paradise.

Jeepers Creepers had not survived all these years by being a 'slaap tiger'. Awake and aware, Palesa plans three, four moves ahead - listening closely and obeying her intinct's commands. Her mind works at high speed, juiced by the elevating adrenaline. The taxi then takes the lane next to her. She slows down and decides, purely by intuition, to take the same lane behind him.

Yellow light.

At this point, a white Mercedes overtakes her and creates a barrier between herself and the ill intent taxi with its diabolical contents. The next robot turns red and she waits in the lane for what feels like an eternity. The music blaring from her stereo soothes her, she is as cool as a cucumber. She has all the advantage, they can not see her suspended low behind the camouflaging Mercedes. The lane she is in goes directly to the right but the way home is a sho’tleft. Still, she waits, she has to wait and so chooses not to make the first move.

The robots turn green, her heart races. Sure, there could be no danger at all? Maybe, she could just be imagining it all? Perhaps, there is absolutely nothing to worry about - just a couple of men taking a leisurely drive, admiring the car beside them. Of course... but she is not about to take that chance. She was not about to find out what really awaits her in that taxi. Instead, she moves slowly forward, inching further down the lane. Her eyes scout the left lane: oncoming traffic. Shit!

As the taxi turns right at the major intersection, just at the last moment, she crosses into the left lane and leaves trouble, moving towards the side of the road, wondering what hit them.

“Oh yeah, baby!” she celebrates, accelerates.

She looks through her rearview mirror, the taxi had taken too sharp a turn and was in flames. Jeepers Creepers, what an explosion! ■


Lerammoux - Jeepers Creepers by Kaleidosound Records

The Dung and Beetle Project is a creative collaboration between Writer, Lerato Mmutle aka Lerammoux and established Music Producer, Gabi Le Roux. Every short story has a song. The lyrics are informed by the narrative and the beat grooves to the tempo of the story. Written, composed and produced in South Africa. Lerato Mmutle is currently living in Europe.


Writer: Lerato Mmutle Producer: Gabi Le Roux  

Photographer: Goran Lizdek Cover Design: Willie Els  Styling: SheYou

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    Gabi Le Roux

    Now here's one that will have you dancing and listening at the same time...A strange tale of urban Taxidom, triumph, irony and then the inevitable Tragedy. Lerammoux our multi-talented Lady has a unique and intriguing imagination...That's what made this Project so irresistible for me to embrace. May you all enjoy this as much as we did creating it!

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    an all-too often scene at the robots with female drivers shem ∙ male drivers always wanting to start something

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    This was actually a true story. You have to follow your instincts and outsmart those who surmise themselves to be more powerful at first blush.

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