George Gladwin Matsheke
Bonnie Henna — Eyebags and Dimples
08H20 TUESDAY, 09 OCTOBER 2012


I've always been a fan of Bonnie since Technics Heart of the Beat, so this book would be really interesting to read for me. Growth is something else, I'm much more interested in her experiences and she has been up to since then.

"There were long, cold silences in the mornings. We were newly married, supposedly in the honeymoon phase, yet I had no energy for anything, not for getting up, sex, eating or even - perhaps especially - talking to my husband."


"The most hurtful thing for him had been my distrust of his intentions. I had accused him of not having my best interests at heart; I always suspected him of ulterior motives and had often accused him of deliberately trying to hurt me. These moments scarred him." — Sowetan

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