Tuesday_Love Presents: Felanation | A Trinute Mix By: Dj Funkikora
14H02 TUESDAY, 16 OCTOBER 2012


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1) intro
2. Ololufe
3. Stale Mate
4. (interlude) they making me stronger
5. Fear not for Man
6. (interlude) live at Kalakuta
7. Ariya
8. Water get no Enemy
9. Expensive shit(Fela the Play)
10. Fogo Fogo
11. (interlude) Don’t worry about my Mouth o
12. Tears and Sorrows (Common,Messhell Ndegeocello,Djelimady Tounkara)
13. Original Sufferhead
14. Waka Waka
15. Power show
16. Ye Ye Dem Smell
17. Shankara/Lady(part 1) Cheikh lo
18. I.T.T Remix  by Mista Bright

A tribute mix to Fela Kuti and his inspiration!! "AfroBeat" is about social, political and cultural literacy. It confronts the geography of the world complacency, greed and fear and calls for a trans-formative insubordination. Fela Kuti was a major activist for Pan-Africanism and anti-colonialism, and because of his socialist beliefs, had many run-ins with the authorities of several African countries. His struggles made him an icon of the Black Power movement. Fela Kuti attempted to run for Nigerian President several times, but was never allowed to. Read more about Fela Kuti and his discography.

Dj Funkikora:
Born Manello from Ficksburg in the Free State now based in Brighton, England. A record collector of African rhythms spawning from AfroBeat, old south african vibes 50s 60s 70s Jazz, Marabi,Rhythm n Blues, Rock, and still working on something special with these sounds. He is the creator and organisor of the alternative music and cultural festival called Jammin-n-Ting-Music-Arts-Festival which is hosted in Ficksburg every Good Friday weekend of every year.

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