Soooo… the friendzone thing. I think the friendzone is not as much a moral dilemma as we would like to believe. Although it may lead one to very immoral thoughts and desires pertaining to ‘dear’ friends. But also being in the friendzone can be or should be a norm in certain cases. I mean some sexual relations among close friends can boil down to down right incest. Also some types aren’t as bad as others. I believe there are several types of friendzones. I'll break down just a few of them and one would do well to familiarize with them, lest you find yourself having to answer that dreaded question, “what are you doing, we are just friends?.” Down boy.


This is the probably the classic type of friendzone that many find themselves. Sometimes you ask yourself if she is aware of the existence of your penis and the wonder it can perform. Her interaction with you suggests that she is vaguely cognisant of a certain protrusion between your legs. The Will & Grace friendzone can be identified by the type of topics she chooses to talk to you
about. You are sitting there in her crib, checking out her booty, while she walking around going on about, “can you believe Mpho? Suggesting I wear polka dots! I mean ow em gee! .” She turns around, reaching out for a hand slap, only to catch your ass drooling at her well-developed gluteus. Then she gives you that…look. That LOOK brethren, that says “EEEUW, why you looking at me like that?” This EEUW here ni***r, this EEUW right here ni***r, that’s the sound of a guillotine descending your member.

You may try to be polite and say “haai mahn, I just drifted off.  I wasn’t looking AT your ass. Just
in… its… general direction.”  Meanwhile, back at the groin, you are actually saying, “have you seen the SIZE of that thing?! I mean, my palm is miniscule. I’d need to hold each butt cheek in a choke hold…blah blah.” But alas, you just wipe off the saliva because you know she doesn’t like it. But the part that’s going to be a knee in the nuts is when she says, “I bumped into Thabo today. He told be I have a nice ass.” Then she blushes. Twitch much?


No, no, no I don’t suggest violence here. Not physical, anyway. In fact, my guy, I’m not even saying that YOU are Iron Mike. Nah dude, SHE is the emotional brawler. Let me give you an E.G., she’s been AWOL for a minute. Not a tag or a mention, fokol. Then, just nje, the BBM cries. “Heey…how u? (eyes rolling emoticon)”. You are still contemplating a response when, 30 seconds later, the BBM cries again. “PING”. You reply with the quickness, “hey, I’m good. How doing? (Whew!)”. “I f*n gReaT. How can I not be when you take a whole hour to respond? >:O MEN!! YOU ARE JUST RUBBISH”. DING DING!!

You know exactly which bus just hit you. Her and her “amazing” Thabo had a fight, again. She probably curled up into a whimpering fetal position during the altercation. Dude pulling that reverse guilt move after he did the BS. She lost the argument. Now, well, you gon’ get it. She is that comfortable with you that nothing feels better than pummeling the crap out of you. Flip, she’ll even tell you such, “you such a good friend.” :*  You see, grasshopper, you screwed up that fateful day, many a moon ago, when you gave her your shoulder instead of The Naked Man.


I do not wish this upon my worst nemesis. It is cruel, inhumane and will reduce the largest of gonads. You know Stedman, right? Oprah Winfrey’s life long BFF. Guy’s dilemma is of biblical proportions. I mean, only people in bible have just one name; David, Moses, Job, Stedman. Wait is Stedman his first name or last? I’m actually illustrating a point here.

This man is generally known only as Oprah’s partner. It’s like Will & Grace with an On and Off button and SHE has the remote. This man can claim nothing about nothing, about nothing about nothing. Probably surpised when he got an invite to his own wedding. Rubbish is what he has in his trouser. I’m sure he even gets told to “cum out!”, during AHAA moments.


My dear brother, we have you in our thoughts, wherever you may be. If you are not familiar with who Lesilo is, I’ll explain in brief. Lesilo Rula was a South Africa’s very own horror series from the early 90’s. To many, it is the most terrifying thing we’d ever seen on tv. Lesilo was a Zombie who ‘lived’ in a grave. He could only be summoned by one person, some eye patch wearing dude called Raitlhwana. This guy would blow into this little horn twice and, (come, say it with me) “Lesilo, Lesilo, rula mo baswing mme otle kwano” (Lesilo, Lesilo, rise from the dead and come to me). Lesilo would rock up and do Raitlhwana’s bidding. Mostly suspect undertakings.

Well, my guy, Raitlhwana is a she now. The eye patch is thick mascara and the little horn has an 8 megapixel camera. Your number is often the most dialed. Never to YOUR benefit though. This summoning goes something like this,
“Thabo, my car broke down in the middle of a dark forest
and there are incestuous hillbillies with riffles licking their grimy loose
teeth at me, please come help me!”
“But why don’t you call your boyfriend?”
“He’s sleeping and I don’t want to wake him. Besides, I know you’ll get here
quicker. Pleeeeeease, Thabz :)”

And there rises Lesilo…

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Photo:Liezle Lynch

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    Part II PLEEEZ, schooled...this grenade truth is too close to home too.

  2. +

    As a female I can say for certain, if you've been zoned, its over.
    On the flip side, if you state your intention beforehand, agreeing to a mutual liking but an intention to further the 'affair' it will give a lady a choice to say yes/no/maybe.
    Because the moment you let her cuddle on your lap whilst she discusses the fall accessory line by Louis V...you might as well join a monastery.
    By the way, if a lady says maybe, its a yes...she is just sussing you out to make sure.
    We know, within the first minute of meeting you which line of the zone you will fall.
    In conclusion, first impressions are crucial to the zoning.

  3. No guy wants to be friend zoned

  4. +

    @GG if thats your theory, it means that every guy friend I have wants more? I doubt it.
    That will make me quite uncomfortable.

  5. +

    *evil laugh*

  6. +

    Oh Boy!

  7. +

    oh! but the convenience of zones...

  8. True that Tebogo

  9. @GG/Jeff/Vusi havent y'all ever friendzoned some girl at any point tho?

  10. +
    James Dean

    but but we dont friend zone any girls - we just avoid the ones we are not trying to smash!

  11. I read a tweet saying something like - "Ketla mo friendzona a swabe" i thought that was soo funny.

  12. +
    Katlego Modipane

    @ Jules - At some point or another you guy friends have thought about you in that AAAAUUUUU way... You better deal with it :-)

    @ Tebogo - Convenient for who?!!!

    @ James - Be honest though, we do friendzone too. Unfortunately its those girls that would do anything for you but you're not interested in that suffer this brunt.

    @ George - I know you're going to judge but I've been Lesilo to too many friends (not just ladies). I'm they guy that gets called when there are no other options and for the most part I'm fine with it. Hell, my little cousin still thinks he's raitlwana even though he's working now!

  13. +

    convenient for the FriendZoner Katlego

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