Lerammoux: Eye See: Imagery 2
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Eye See: Imagery 2

Tshenolo saw everything but her. He stared blankly at the strange development for some time before he created another print and another and yet another in hope of finding something different but alas, she was still missing. Pono had completely disappeared as if a figment of his crude imagination. He left the dark room, lighting it up in the process and burning all the exposed photo sheets.

"Thato, do you have Pono's number?" he asked his assistant.


"How did you contact her in the first place?"

"I didn't. She came in and said an agency sent her this morning so we registered her for this shoot and Botsotso’s.”

"It can’t be, she just disappeared," he muttered under his breath as he stormed off to the outside set.

It was exactly as he had left it, the props, the cameras, the lights, the mountain in the background. He scratched his head and walked back to the dark room, grabbed the negative film and walked out of his studio.

* * * * *

Pono had a gift, she could be known as Houdini’s illegitimate daughter with an African prophetess because her father split straight after conception and her mother long saw that coming. They called her Pono: SIGHT. As a young girl, she would see things no one else could because she had a curious way of walking into a room and not being noticed. Her ghostly quality allowed her to surreptitiously listen in, while those speaking were blissfully unaware of her intrusive presence. In time, Pono mastered when to appear and when to disappear into the veneer of invisibility, a cloak she wore especially for those who were blinded by their own sense of awareness.

Tshenolo in the meantime had taken the negative film to ORMS and asked them for a reprint. The hour's anticipation felt like waiting to hear whether you were HIV + or -, knowing deep down that that last frolick may have been your kiss of death. Just as he feared, the whole roll was immaculate, the colours jumped out at him, the vibrancy of the background was as vivid as when he saw it with his naked eye but what remained vague was her. She was nowhere to be seen. 

At the studio, Pono waited til Tshenolo’s assistant packed up and left. She had not noticed her sitting there the whole time, watching her and Tshenolo panic up a storm. Thato locked the door and left. Pono walked into the dark room and turned off the light. She looked at the burnt paper and gazed at the old pictures hanging from his pegged collection.

As she slowly took in the pics, the door opened. Tshenolo walked in.

"You! Where are you?”

"I'm right here Tshenolo, can't you see?"

"No, I mean on the prints, you are nowhere, gone, poof: vanished!"

Pono laughed. "Don't be sily, how could I have vanished if I'm here?"

"You did, see!"

Tshenolo grabbed the print from the Developer but it was all black since he had turned the light on and neglected to dunk it into the Fixer. 

Pono wiped the smile off her face and walked closer to Tshenolo, in slow motion - keeping her eyes on him the whole time.

"What are you doing?"

BAM! Pono hit him over the head with the large clock nearby. Tshenolo fell to the ground with a big thud. The dripping print stuck to his side while the negative film strips he had in his hand scattered onto the cold floor.

"You'll see," said Pono.

She placed the heavy clock down and rolled up her sleeves. Dragging Tshenolo on the floor, she made him sit against the wall with his head drooping to the side and placed her small jacket over him to keep him warm.

While Tshenolo slept unconscious, Pono got to work...

(To Be Continued)

Imagery 1


In collaboration with photographer: Moeketsi Moticoe of Eye See Images. 


Writer: Lerato Mmutle  aka Lerammoux

Photography: Moeketsi Moticoe

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