Lerammoux: Eye See: Imagery 3


Eye See: Imagery 3 - Short Finale

Pono got to work and started the processing. She knew her way around a dark room such as in other spaces that lacked light.

She watched the print develop as she slowly appeared. Everything came out perfectly on the prints - she had never doubted her own existence! One by one, she let the prints out to dry while Tshenolo lay against the wall; oblivious, unaware, blind.

Holding a camera in his dreams, there was only blackness -  nothing was in view, not anything  and everything was deconstructed and elusive. He was in the throes of his worst nightmare: he was a photographer who did not have his sight. He moaned and groaned as Pono watched over him, awaiting his arrival - back to the land of the seeing - which was in fact the land of the sleeping.

When he finally came to, she was still there. His eyes now open, he could see her true face. With all her make up all gone, the simplest beauty struck him, a kind he knew only his mind’s camera could capture.

Without a word, she walked off and left the room. The eerie creature that came to him had finally disappeared. He had a strong sense that he would not see her again. His head hurt as he clumsily wrestled to his feet. He looked at all the prints, she was there just as he had shot her. He tried to understand what had happened, had he imagined it all?

He walked over to the door to see if he could catch her in the light but he was too slow. On the very clock that had knocked him conscious, she left him a note. 

"Eye See You."


Imagery 1

Imagery 2


In collaboration with photographer: Moeketsi Moticoe of Eye See Images. 


Note: That's it for 2012. Posts shall continue in the New Year.

HAPPY 2013


Writer: Lerato Mmutle  aka Lerammoux

Photography: Moeketsi Moticoe

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