Katlego Modipane
Misunderstanding Mondays: Dope
12H06 MONDAY, 05 AUGUST 2013


Attempting to tell true stories through verses that rhyme. Bear with me, most of it is okay but the ending is sublime....

His story

My story starts when I bought a big body benz. Million dollar car but I paid Rands. Thats when I met her... Yellow bone with soft, long natural hair. No surprise, she loved shopping... My bank account, well it wasn't coping. Her hold on me was strong. But the problem started when she started inviting all her friends along. We went clubbing, painting the town red. All the while, her friends were taking turns in my bed. And as my financial woes started, they reacted to my calls as if someone had just farted. Excuses, excuses, excuses! Suddenly I knew what Chris Brown was talking about in Deuces. Because when I started recovering, there they were again hovering! I took the bait but then love turned to hate. I was now f!)(ing out of spite. I thought the chances of getting sick were slight. Boy I was wrong. Yeah I know, you've heard this before, same old song! So I pray to the lord above. Asking for forgiveness cause life has become so tough... So what I thought was love was really pain. Now I'm all alone, single like Lil Wayne! 

 Her story

My story on the other hand is kinda dope. It started when I was just seventeen, innocent and full of hope. So many guys broke my heart, tore all my trust apart. What they portrayed as genuine feelings turned out to be nothing but underhand dealings... Until my belief in love faded. Disillusioned, love is overrated! So I drank and partied heavily. Everthing in my life was fast, nothing moved steadily. Mot even my thoughts... to a point that the person I was, I forgot. It numbed the pain with loads of experiences to gain. I knew I was hot and well the guys, they loved seeing me dance in the university residence's parking lot!  This went on for a while until I had fun everyday but couldnt afford a smile. I thought I was having the time of my life.... Thats when I met a man who wanted to make me a wife. He knew all my flaws, had even seen me walk into doors *hides* but still he wanted to put a ring on my finger. I let that feeling of excitement in me swell and a world of emotions linger. He showed me a diiferent way, helped me sweep all my insecurities away. He held me, kissed me with purpose. My grades improved, he allowed me time to grow and focus on me. My old friends we peeved, they hated seeing me glow and succeed.

Photographer: Mario

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