George Gladwin Matsheke
  • EST. 2006
Creative Unity.

Matsheke, George Gladwin

I am a CREATIVE LIFESTYLE magazine. I do what I want to do, talk the way I want to talk and talk to MY people directly. I talk to them about things that affect and interest them. I explore South Africas 'popular' culture through the eyes of all those who are creative in their own rights and I tell my findings to you.

When I say 'creative', I mean anybody who does anything fresh from music, design, dance, illustrating, architecture, writing to investment banking. YES, I also consider these cats creative, cause you have to have a creative brain for numbers in order to do what you do – MAD RESPECT!

I am about showing what brown-cream-coffee and sometimes navy blue people think about what green people think about what they are about. And what all those colours mean in the greater scheme of "I am a S-outh African."

I believe we are ALL creative because we are bound together by one common goal. I am also about having fun, learning, teaching and making you laugh so hard you can't contain yourself!

My "target audience" is whoever is cool and wants to know what other cool people are up to, basically you and I. You could be a Brand Manager of x-y-z and drive a BMW or mini cooper you can comfortably afford. Or chose to live at home in Soweto because living in the suburbs and not knowing your neighbours – JUST- didn't - fly with you. You could eat breakfast in Village Walk Sandton; have lunch at Bra Joe's in Alex and dinner at your boyfriends place in Killarney. You prefer "All-Stars" over high heels . I am targeting you but, I DON'T KNOW YOUR "LSM"...That's what I'm saying...

I can't put you in a box.


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